Single-plate gate valve

Being part of the proven KÜHME shut-off valves, the gate valve type PSA-DELI SAL is used in gas measuring and gas distribution plants, as well as in gas and oil pipelines, where safe shut-off of the gases is required. The gate valve is directly operated by a non rising hand wheel, while at sizes  larger than DN 200 the gate valve comes with an additional bevel gear box and set standards in regard with enviromental friendliness and reliability.

Application areas

Shut-off for gas measuring and gas regarding units, as well as for gas and oil pipelines

Nominal size: DN 50 to DN 500
Nominal pressure: PN 40 / 100 (Cl 300 / 600)
Installation length: According to EN 558 part 1
Operating temperature: - 10°C to + 80°C

  • Low actuating torques
  • With external spindle thread
  • Safety due to absolute tightness
  • Robust design
  • Flow-through in either direction
  • piggable
The open/close service of the single-plate gate valve is used for shutting-off of pipelines. The coplanar shut-off gate flap attached to the spindle moves vertically between two seat rings in vertical direction. On the side showing towards the shut-off flap, the seat rings are each equipped with a sealing ring which is pressed onto the shut-off gate flap by the medium pressure and by springs on the opposite side, thus forming a high-quality sealing system.

Technical features
Valve body: Welded steel construction with bolted cover
Sealing system: Floating support of the spring-loaded sealing system consisting of the shut-off gate flap and seat rings with one soft sealing ring each
Sealing of Spindle: Sealing ring and O-rings
Actuator type:
  • Rising spindle with non-rising hand wheel

  • DN 200 and larger: with bevel gear box
  • Optionally: rising spindle  with electric multiturn actuator
Process connection:
  • Flange connections according to EN 1092-1

  • Welding ends made of steel
  • Optionally available: flange connection or welding ends, both available in EN and ANSI design
Special features:
  • DIN / DVGW tested
  • Nickel-plated shut-off gate flap
  • The sealing system prevents dirt penetration during the entire stroke when the gate flap is moving
  • Automatic overload pressure relief between housing and pipeline
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • In the opened position, gate flap and seat rings form a guiding pipe
  • Opening passage piggable